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Sanal K. Sankar
Born on Saturday, 09th July 1977 in Chendamangalam, a small town in Kerala. My first fascination was towards music which exists in my soul keeping me purified and meditated. The second one was computers. Ever since i kept my hands on computer, i got fascinated by its enormous power and innocence. They kept me live (mentally), until today.
Sanal K. Sankar


Following are the honors that I received till date. I am very lucky to make it all happen and I thank god for that.

a) Best Project Award - 2004
      The award was won for the best project in the FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) arena. I was able to come up with a successful design in analog to digital conversion and vice versa using Delta-Sigma concepts. This design was done using Verilog and VHDL and was successfully tested in the Labs. This project was also presented as the international conference held at chennai.

b) Paper accepted for International Conference - 2004
      My paper on Delta-Sigma ADC was accepted for International conference held at California during this year. Due to the financial problems, i was unable to attend the event.

c) News published about my Software - 2004
            This news came published on Indian Express and Malayala Manorama, National dailies of Kerala, on the month of August. This was all about new software, created by me, which is intended to be used by Music students, teachers and Music enthusiasts. The objective of this software is to promote the growth of Indian classical music using internet. The software is like a music teacher in which the user can store music lessons; hear them play composed notes at different speeds. It also serves as a full-fledged theoretical problem solver for classical music students. This has an inbuilt keyboard which can play notes using around 128 instrument sounds.The above said features were only just a few...

Sanal on Indian Express - 24th August 2004, Tuesday   Sanal on Malayala Manorama - 7th August 2004, Saturday
d) Won Second prize in Video Choreography (cinematic dance) - 1998
      The event was during my graduation time. This prize was won the song, "Oh..Oh..Jane Jana" and the members were Jikku Philip, Sibu Vargheese, Rajesh Chakkingal and Me. Event held at Mar Athanasius College of Engineering, Kothamangalam.

e) Won First Prize for MIME – 1997
      The subject was peace and poverty and the members were Anoop Sreenivasan, Madan, Sibu Vargheese etc. Event held at Mar Athanasius College of Engineering, Kothamangalam.

f) Won First Prize for SKIT – 1997, 1996
      These two years, we were able to achieve First Prizes for SKIT aslo under the leadership of Madan. The team was same as above . This paved the way to participate in the ASIANET competition that was aired on the same year.

g) Won First Pize for Oppana  - 1997,1996
      Oppana is a dance that Muslims do at the marriage ceremony. Me and George Prashanth sing the song for the oppana and were recorded. The dance was choreographed by me and won the first prize.

h) Won All-Rounder Award   - 1997
      Due to my effective involment and active participation in all the activities, I was awarded with the All-Rounder award for that year.

i) Won First Prize for Classical Music – 1997, 1996, 1995

j ) Won Second Prize for Light Music – 1997,1996

k) Won First Prize for Classical Music – 1993
      The event was the “Cultural Events” during my Pre-Degree at Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam.

l) Won First Prize for Classical Music – 1992, 1991, 1990.
      This was during my School days at St. Albert’s High School, Ernakulam

m) Won First Prize for Light Music – 1991, 1990
      This was during my School days at St. Albert’s High School, Ernakulam

n) Won Second Prize and Third Prize for Classical Music for Sub-District level – 1992, 1991, 1990


a) Participated in International Conference held at Chennai. - 2004
      Presented a paper titled Design and Implementation of Digital FIR Filter using FPGA at the National Conference conducted on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology at Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute, Chennai.

b) Dedicated a song to Lord Krishna at Guruvayoor temple - 2003
      I was very lucky to get nominated and to participate in Chembai Sangeetholsavam held at Guruvayoor temple in the month of November.

Sanal at Chembai Sangeetholsavam - 2003

c) Dedicated a song to Lord Krishna at Guruvayoor temple - 1999
       I was very lucky to get nominated and to participate for the first time in Chembai Sangeetholsavam held at Guruvayoor temple in the month of December.

Sanal at Chambai Sangeetholsavam - 1999

d) Condcuted cultural programme in CAC - 1999
            CAC (Cochin arts and Communications) invited me and my friend (Sumi) to conduct a program for their annual celebration.

e) Conducted an Orchestra (Ganamela) in the College – 1998
      The privilege was mine when the college invited me to conduct and participate in the College Orchestra for the year 1998. George Prashanth and me effectively conducted the Ganamela and was said as the Best Ganamela ever since.

f) ASIANET media event – 1997
      As we won first prizes in SKIT and MIME from the college, we were selected to participate in the ASIANET channel for a competition and won second prize from there. Our topic was “JABBAR JUBBAS”.

g) Did a programme for DD1 – National Media Channel – 1989
      During my school days, I was invited to sing a song in DD1 – our National Media Channel


a) M.E. Applied Electronics - 2002 - 2004
       I did my Masters in Applied Electronics from Kongu Engineering College, Erode, Ernakulam. Passed out from there in First Class with a percentage of 78%.
       This was the year that Anna University came up with a new curriculum and rules that was way too much tough which they a later alleviated. That was a tough experience that i had in my life.

b) Diploma in E-Commerce
       This was a part time course that i did on saturdays and sundays to keep up with the emerging web technologies. I was unable to get the certificate from them as I was busy working as a freelancer when they just disappeared from the world.

c) Diploma in RDBMS
        After doing my B.Tech the first thing that i did was to join this course in Silicon Systems, Ernakulam, Kochi. It included Visual Basic 6.0, Oracle 8.0, Developer 2000 and Windows NT. After doing this course, i joined the same company as Software Instructor.

d) B.Tech Electrical and Electronics - 1994 - 1998
      I did my Bachelors degree in Mar Athanasius College of Engineering, Kothamangalam, Kerala under Mahatma Gandhi University. I passed from this college in first class with a percentage of 78%.
      These were the years that i grown up to a from a man to a MAN (You'll know this if you have studied this in any of the real engineering colleges). The will power, courage and professional dignity that i attained from here was enormous that became the backbone of my character.

e) Pre-Degree - 1992 - 1994
      I completed this from the famous/notorious Maharaja's College, Ernakulam, Kochi with a percentage of 68%. Studying in such a culturally inherited college was really a prestigious thing for me.

f) Up to 10th Standard 1982 - 1992
      I studied in St. Albert's High School and passed out from there with a percentage of 78%. Here, i came to know what really politics means in India and what is the value that it deserves in one's life.

Current/Temporary Address:
2861-A, Ist Floor,
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Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
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Permanent Address:
1/791, Aarathi,
Thekkemadathikkudi Parambu,
Kakkanadu P.O.,
Palachuvadu, Kochi,
Kerala, India.
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