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K. R. Sankarankutty - Sanal's Father     |     Baby Sankarankutty - Sanal's Mother
Baby Sankarankutty
She was born on Friday, 27th September 1957, at Chendamagalam, a small town in Kerala. After getting educated she got married to K. R. Sankarankutty at the age of 20. Ever since, she was actively playing the role of a house-wife. She gave tremendous support to her husband’s activities. Currently, she owns a Furniture shop named “NewBorne” in Kadavanthra, Kerala.
Baby Sankarankutty

Apart from being a house-wife, the way in which she managed the furniture manufacturing unit was flawless. This manufacturing unit now deals with almost all the major dealers in Kochi, Kerala. At 2001, she managed to own a furniture shop named “NewBorne” in the heart of the city.

Sanal's Comments
She was always there in each and every step that I made. 24 hours never seemed adequate for her daily activities. Even though she slept only few hours a day, she found happiness in doing all the activities by herself. She is a loving and caring women with a heart full of love for everyone.

Office Address:
Sahodaran Ayyappan Road,
Kochi, Kerala.
Pin – 682 222

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Residential Address:
1/791, Aarathi,
Thekkemadathikkudi Parambu,
Kakkanadu P.O.,
Palachuvadu, Kochi,
Kerala, India.
Pin - 682 030.

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