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A. N. Divakaran Nair - Nisha's Father     |     Vijayalekshmi C. - Nisha's Mother
Vijayalekshmi C.
Born on monday, 1st October 1956, at Manakkala, a village in Kerala. After getting educated, she got married to A.N Divakaran Nair at the age of 23. Ever since, she is actively playing the role of a successful house-wife and a dedicated mother. She has great passion for Malayalam literature and classical music

She held the position of the President of a womens neighborhood community named Ayalkoottam. She is also an active member of NSS Karayogam.

Nisha's Comments
She managed all the household activities by herself and was really the lady of the house. She is a person with a sharp foresight and is powerful in judging and making right decisions. She is a strong, humorous, loving and giving person.

As my father was away with his job, it was she who guided me in each step and molded my character. She helped me to become bold and independent in my life. Me being the only daughter to them, she never let me feel the loneliness of a single child by caring me enough and thus became my best friend.

Residential Address:
Ayanivilayil Veedu,
Manakkala P.O.,
Adoor, Pathanamthitta,
Kerala, India.
Pin 691 551.

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